Tikk is a simple, secure APP For Buying tickets




Relist unwanted tickets for free

No HIDDEN Booking Fees

No Touts






Secure, Ethical Ticketing

Our app launched in May 2017 and provides ticketing to groups of events such as citywide events at multiple venues.

Developed alongside Bristol based product agency Simpleweb, the app focussed on merging primary and secondary ticketing so ticket buyers could offload unwanted tickets once an event had sold out. In a UK (and if not world) first, we built a fully automated, anonymous, fee and profiteering free (therefore tout free) secondary ticketing tool. We appreciate that's quite a mouthful, so we called it Relist.

With a commitment to no hidden fees and the chance to offload unwanted tickets for a full refund, the app was built to prove a point and put the consumer first. Secondary ticketing can be done without excessive profiteering and fees.


The Tikk App - For Events

Using the app's built in channels (groups of events) the app is well suited to certain event set-ups.
1) A series of events that happen over time (a monthly brewery open day, for example).
2) A series of events at multiple venues under a banner (Bristol Beer Week, for example).
3) An event with simple ticketing needs (a festival with one daily ticket type).

This ticketing is entirely app based and backed by our primary and secondary ticket support. Entry to your event can be self administered using our dedicated scanning apps. All tickets are held within the app itself and depending on your preference, you may be happy just checking these without scanning. Or you can check with ID for maximum security. It's up to you.

The key to the Tikk app is simplicity. Once downloaded and registered, it takes seconds to buy a ticket. This is why it's particularly effective for grouped events as ticket buyers can buy multiple tickets with ease and keep them in one place.