The ongoing noise surrounding touting got ramped up a level this month with widespread coverage about the Ed Sheeran charity tickets going on secondary websites. TV shows like Sunday Brunch and The One Show reported it, Theresa May got questioned about it and the Chancellor mentioned something about it. 

Out of the big sites, Viagogo still chose to list tickets for sale from touts even though they would be invalid on the door. Is knowingly selling a ticket that won't get you in illegal? Maybe one of Viagogo's fraud studies can tell us.

Then there was an announcement regarding the use of bots having 'unlimited fines' for touts who use the software to buy tickets. While this is a positive step towards tout free ticketing, it is still wide open to touting and fraud.

Here are some news stores we've been looking at.

A Guardian story about "Trusted Sellers" that were actually convicted fraudsters, shining a light on Ticketmaster's zero tolerance policy towards ticket fraud.

From Music Tank, more about those so-called trusted sellers and the tale of two U2 tickets being listed on secondary websites.

Ticketmaster's cunning plan to stop touting of Hamilton tickets appears to fail as tickets appear on Viagogo immediately after they are released.

Iron Maiden goes paperless and introduces new security checks to reduce touting - except Viagogo who choose to ignore requests.


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